Church Planting and Revitalization Center

The Church Planting and Revitalization Center exists to help local churches, associations, and state conventions in the planting of healthy churches and the revitalization of existing churches. Our planting and revitalization strategy is based on the conviction that you must first change the heart before you can change the mind. These two steps must precede any organizational or structural activity. Further, we believe that nothing changes the hear t and mind but the word of God applied by the Spirit of God.

We consult with churches, associations, or state conventions at their request. Dr. Hemphill teaches revitalization principles in numerous contexts. The topics of such conferences vary based upon the needs of the unique situation. Topics of ten requested are revitalizing the local church, evangelism, assimilation, pastor/ deacon ministry, discovering spiritual gifts, and developing a missional mindset and strategy for the local church.

The Church Planting and Revitalization Center partners with Auxano Press to provide sound biblical materials to assist new church plants, churches in the process of revitalization, and churches desiring to continue to expand their Great Commission effectiveness.

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