About us

Mission and Philosophy

The Greek word Auxano means “to cause to grow.” It is the mission of Auxano Press to provide biblically sound materials that will be used by the Holy Spirit to “cause growth” in your spiritual life and in your church. We believe that nothing changes the heart or the mind except the Word of God applied by the Spirit of God.

Four Categories for your Library

We are the home of the non-disposable curriculum. Our materials are of such a high quality in terms of content and binding that each book should be studied and kept by the individual to assist in building a Christian library. We plan to cover all the books of the Bible, major doctrines of the Bible, and important themes that lead to spiritual growth. We have four categories of books (Old Testament Studies, New Testament Studies, Growing in Faith, and Living the Word) which are clearly marked through the use of a different color band which makes finding them in your own library a simple matter.

Ultimate Flexibility

Since our materials are undated, they provide ultimate flexibility for the church and its small groups. You can choose the study that is most appropriate for your small group and the start and end dates. Simply stated, our material puts you in charge of the spiritual development of those persons God has placed in your care.

Online Helps

We provide free teaching helps for leaders. You simply download them to your web site or print them out for your teachers. You can create a virtual teachers meeting online by putting our materials plus any notes you choose to provide on the church web site weekly. Create a team spirit and excellent teaching throughout the small group system! In some cases, you will discover several sets of free teaching guides. These have been provided by churches that have used the material. We invite you to share any helps you develop. In many cases you will find additional helps provided at very affordable prices. Some authors have provided audio teaching helps. This unique product has greatly enhanced teaching in many churches. The author provides 20 to 30 minutes of teaching helps in an audio format, allowing teachers to listen at their own convenience. You simply pay for the number of audio guides you desire, download the file, and make it available on your web site or copy it to a cd for distribution. Josh Hunt, who has the distinction of having written more Bible study helps than anyone on the planet, has provided Good Questions for many of our 12/13 week studies. We want to help you to improve the quality of Bible teaching in your church!

More Content and a Biblical Focus

Each lesson is approximately 2100 words. The length of each chapter allows for excellent content without being too long for the average reader. We do not print the Biblical text because we want your people to read the curriculum with an open Bible. This also allows us to provide more biblical content and allows you to teach the material from your preferred translation. We believe it is best to teach and study the material from the Bible during the small group time.

Two Lengths and Two Purposes

Our non-disposable curriculum is 12/13 weeks in length providing for a thorough study of the topic or text without being so long that it causes stagnation in the small group structure. We write with the understanding that these materials will usually be used in open-ended groups. Each lesson is designed to stand alone, yet when taken together they provided a connected study. This allows guests and new-comers to enter the study at any time. Our non-disposable discipling tools vary in length from 6 to 13 weeks with chapters which are longer than those in our curriculum. These books are intended for closed groups. It is expected that the group will stay together and attend with regularity for the duration of the study.