Free Indeed: Galatians

Early in Paul’s ministry a controversy arose that rocked the very foundation of the church. The question: “What is required for sinful humanity to be rightly related to Holy God?” Paul’s adversaries from a Jewish background insisted that salvation required obedience to Mosaic laws, which included ceremonial regulations. Paul proclaimed that salvation is by grace alone through faith alone.

The teaching of the Jewish legalists that works must be added to faith had created confusion among the Galatian believers. Paul feared that some were in danger of being enslaved by legalism and robbed of their freedom in Christ. Paul wrote Galatians, likely the first of his thirteen letters, to clarify for all time the essence of the gospel of grace.

The Galatian letter impacted greatly the thinking of Martin Luther and played a vital role in the Reformation. Galatians has been referred to as the Magna Carta of religious freedom. This book will greatly impact readers today as it has countless believers throughout the ages.